Nizacars: how to increase your database of potential customers


Costly and inefficient processes in obtaining customer information.


Automate the process with scraping techniques from the main websites containing the information.


Double the number of potential customers in a short time, increasing sales transactions and business profitability.


In Spain, as a large tourist market, the volume of transactions in the rent-a-car (RAC) channel is very high. Dealers are committed to repurchasing vehicles from the RAC channel after a few months, which they then have to reposition as used vehicles. The company in the case is engaged in the “re-marketing” (or re-placement) of used vehicles in foreign markets. Its business consists of finding dealers interested in importing used vehicles with attractive features and price.

You can always make processes more efficient

Despite being a leading company that knows the market and has developed advanced processes and tools used by its sales force, it believes it can improve the current process of identifying potential customers. Until the development of the project, the process to register a potential customer was to search the Internet for dealers in these markets and enter the data one by one in the CRM system. In addition, not being sure of knowing all the potential buyers (dealers and wholesalers of used vehicles in the main European markets) the process is not efficient in terms of time and personnel required.

The information is available...

We identified some websites where most of the dealers in the markets of interest are listed and captured the dealer data (company name, address, telephone number…) using scraping techniques. After parameterizing the libraries and performing the necessary tests, we downloaded the data and created a consistent database. Finally, we cleaned, transformed and deduplicated the obtained data against the original CRM database.