Nissan: Predictive marketing


Automate a contact plan throughout the customer lifecycle that increases profitability, loyalty and satisfaction.


Development of a predictive marketing platform that integrates with the communications platform and the development of personalized and multichannel communications.


Improved campaign execution: “contact right Customer / right Moment / right Offer”. Increased traffic volume in the dealership, increased retention and average ticket.


The challenge for all automotive brands is to send the right Message, from the right Channel and at the right Time throughout the lifecycle of a customer (from 0 to 15 years of vehicle age). Nissan needed to create a data analytics platform capable of delivering the segmented contact plans to the communication platform (Adobe Campaign) in charge of executing the mailings.

The starting point is an operational database that integrates customer data and key transactions. The data quality is low and is not intended to support analytical or segmentation tasks for CRM campaigns.

Predictive marketing platform...

The delivered solution consists of four pillars: Data, Database, Analysis and Visualization.


  • Have a 360º view of customers
  • Improve segmentations
  • Saving on mailing costs
  • Measurement of action results

Data to be integrated in the Analytical Database...

We identify, capture, cleanse and transform the internal and external data we will need to answer business questions related to:

  • Who to communicate
  • What to communicate
  • When to communicate
  • How to communicate.

We also define processes to identify the quality of the data and enrich it with market data.

We create a Database for analytical purposes where we incorporate data from internal and external sources, previously transformed for their correct relationship.

The integration of all data in a single repository allows us to have consistent customer information available for data visualization and reporting purposes, analytical model development and any other data-driven process.

Analysis ...

Development of analytical models from data that answer business questions related to customers, product and communications.

List of questions and analytical model.

Visualization ...

Development of dashboards in Qlik for the visualization of data from kpis, dimensions, graphs, tables and maps. Access via web browser.

Dashboards developed:

  • Individual and Corporate Accountants
  • Results of Sales and After Sales Campaigns
  • Radiography of a Dealer
  • Studies (ncbs, cvs/cva…)

Contact plan ...

Development of automated and ad-hoc segmentations for the contact plan (sales, post-sales, financing). The segmentation criteria are established based on the analytical models developed. Contact plans are sent to the communication platform.

We develop the following contact plans:

  • Lead management
  • Order
  • First year
  • Commitment to the brand
  • Renewal
  • After-sales in warranty period
  • After-sales out of warranty period

Personalized multichannel creativity...

Development of the pieces according to:

  • Communication Axes (innovation, useful technology and people).
  • Images (vivid, with people and vehicles)
  • Tone (human, close, simple, authentic)

Communication channels:

  • Email
  • Mailing
  • Telemarketing
  • SMS

Personalization of communications:

  • Image (gender)
  • Vehicle (model, km…)
  • Service (service offered and price according to life cycle)
  • Person (name, treatment)
  • Dealer (preferred, sales or after-sales, area of influence)