Velvet BCN: CRM for sustainable fashion and fair trade eCommerce


Within its multichannel strategy (physical store, ecommerce, social networks, workshops, sms…) it only needs to be able to communicate directly with its customers through emails.


Implementation of Sherpa Marketing as a CRM system integrated with their Prestashop ecommerce. Communication and Accounting dashboards were also developed.


Start-up time of less than one month. Personalized emails are developed for each customer. Increased cross-selling.


Velvet BCN is a company that starts with a physical store about sustainable fashion and fair trade in the Gracia district of Barcelona. The second step was to create an ecommerce developed in Prestashop to reach more customers. Then they began to manage social networks with great success and they only needed to manage direct communications to achieve a great multichannel strategy with their customers.

Key aspects of eCommerce

The success of an eCommerce depends on several well-known aspects…

  • User experience (UX): An easy and intuitive navigation, an attractive design, and a smooth checkout process are crucial. The site must be responsive, fast and accessible. Optimization for mobile devices
  • Secure product and payment options: Offer a volume of references and level of quality that generates trust and customer loyalty.
  • Efficient logistics and return policy: Offering fast and reliable shipping options, as well as a good inventory management and returns and warranty policy, is key to generate trust and satisfy customer expectations.

But we cannot forget other key points…

  • Multichannel digital strategy: from SEO strategy, social media advertising, email campaigns and content marketing, make increase visibility and traffic to your online store.
  • Personalization and recommendations: Using data to provide personalized recommendations can increase sales by specifically targeting customer preferences.
  • Metrics analysis and continuous improvement: Use analytical tools to understand user behavior and adjust strategies.

eCommerce and CRM integration

Sherpa Marketing became the company’s CDP where all customer data was stored, their orders, invoices, communications… and on which an analytics dashboard was connected, developed in Qlik Sense to understand user behavior and adjust strategies accordingly is essential for sustained growth.

Marketing automation platform

The definition of subscription forms and promotions visible in eCommerce were defined in Sherpa Marketing, so that responses were stored directly in the CDP. Several email templates were also developed and made available for easy design of communications and automations.

Dashboards data visualization

Metrics analysis and continuous improvement: Using analytical tools to understand user behavior and adjust strategies accordingly is essential for sustained growth.

A comprehensive dashboard was developed with all the information coming from Google Analytics, Social Media (facebook, instagram, youtube) and CRM (subscription forms and emails).

In a single dashboard it was possible to see the contribution of the different marketing channels to the final eCommerce KPIs.