Lewis & Carroll Agency: how to analyze social media results with a dashboard


Costly and low value-added processes in obtaining customer information.


Automate the process of obtaining data through the apis. Development of integral Dashboard of social media.


Efficiency of the reporting process and more time to analyze and create value for customers.


Lewis & Carroll, a communications agency specializing in the development and execution of social media strategies, has always been concerned with demonstrating the effectiveness of its work by measuring campaigns. “What is not measured does not exist, and therefore cannot be improved.”

Costly measurement process

The campaign measurement process, which is carried out once a month, consumes a lot of time and energy for the team. Moreover, as it is a manual process, it is subject to possible errors. To create the reports, they download the social network activity data through tools such as Social Bakers, Hoosuite… Subsequently, they use MSExcel to create an analysis file and develop the necessary tables and graphs. The final report is developed in MS Power Point.

Integration and visualization of data sources...

Development of a Social Media Dashboard with the BI tool Qlik Sense. It can be accessed from any browser. It integrates all data from Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter… Visualization of the main KPIs at the level of Reach, Interaction and Subscription. The information can be visualized from various dimensions (customer categories, geographic areas, time, products, types of communications, scores or indicators…). It allows you to apply any type of filter/exclusion on the entire data history without reducing performance. You can use bookmarks to save a series of common filters/exclusions. Ability to create your own tables and graphs on all available fields. Data export to MS Excel, MS PowerPoint PDF, JPEG, PNG. User friendly and rich in graphical resources. Easy to learn and use.