Data analysis



Building and maintaining strong customer relationships means ensuring excellent customer service, implementing effective marketing strategies, driving sales growth and managing customer data. But only with the right data analysis will we be able to retain loyal customers and attract new ones.

Frequently asked questions:

How many Customer groups do we have?
What is the profile of these groups?
What is the behavior pattern of each segment?
Which Customers are most likely to renew?
Have they abandoned me, are they still Customers?
How much do they contribute to my business?
Should I invest in our relationship?

Customer Analysis:

– Customer segmentation and profiling
– Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
– Potential customer defection
– Customer Loyalty
– Customer Voice or Sentiment

Products and Services

To develop and launch successful products we need to understand customer needs, preferences and behavior through data.

Frequently asked questions:

Which products to recommend to a Customer?
What does a typical customer’s shopping cart look like?
At what price should you apply to a product/service?
What is the buying pattern of a Customer?….
What is our Customers’ perception of our products/services?

Products and Services Analysis:

– Shopping Cart
– Up&Cross selling
– Product or service recommendation
– Product princing
– Product returns
– Market trends


Data analytics can help marketers better understand their audiences, optimize their marketing campaigns and measure the return on their marketing investment.

Frequently asked questions:

How to increase the reach of our brand and attract new customers?
What is the best way to segment our market and how to personalize campaigns to reach customer segments?
How to improve retention of existing customers and foster their long-term loyalty?
What is the return on investment (ROI) of our marketing campaigns and how to improve it?
How to measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns and make adjustments to improve them?
How to improve customer experience and increase customer satisfaction?

Marketing Analysis:

– Attribution and Campaign Results
– Communications Recommender
– A/B Testing
– Contact Moments
– Customer Sentiment or Voice of the Customer


Data analytics can help the sales manager identify buying patterns, customer preferences, market trends and growth opportunities.

Frequently asked questions:

How to increase sales of our products or services?
What pricing strategies are most effective?
Which sales channels are the most effective?
How can we improve the efficiency and productivity of our sales team?
How can we identify and take advantage of cross-selling and up-selling opportunities?
How can we improve customer loyalty and increase retention?
How can we measure and analyze the performance of the sales team and sales and marketing campaigns?

Sales Analysisis:

– Demand Forecasting
– Potential Renewal
– Potential Lead
– Preferred Channel and Point of Sale

Human Resources

Data analytics can help the HR manager gain valuable information about employees and job performance, as well as improve hiring processes, retain high-performing employees, and improve the overall productivity of the organization.

Frequently asked questions:

How to improve employee retention?
How to attract the most qualified candidates for vacant positions?
What training and development programs should we implement to improve employee skills?
How do I ensure that I comply with regulations and standards?
How to improve diversity and inclusion in our company?
How to measure employee performance and productivity?
How to improve employee satisfaction and engagement?
How to manage workflow and administrative tasks more efficiently?
How to motivate our employees and improve the work climate?

Human Resources Analysis:

– Potential of an employee to fill a position
– Current skills and training needs
– Optimization of the recruitment process
– Turnover forecast per salesperson or employee


Frequently asked questions:

How to improve the company’s profitability?
How to reduce costs without compromising service quality?
What is the current cash flow and how can we improve it?
How to optimize our capital structure and financing?
Which investment initiatives to prioritize and how to evaluate their profitability?
What are the main financial risks and how can we mitigate them?
How to improve the efficiency of our financial and accounting processes?
How to ensure that I comply with regulations and standards?
How to use financial data and analysis to improve our decision making?
How do we maintain the company’s financial integrity and investor confidence?

Finance Analysis:

– Fraud detection and prevention
– Credit scoring
– Regulatory compliance


Data analytics can help the Logistics Manager from optimizing inventory management to improving efficiency in the supply chain.

Frequently asked questions:

How to manage my inventory to minimize costs?
How to improve the efficiency of my supply chain?
How to monitor my shipments and deliveries in real time?
How to ensure that I comply with regulations and standards?
How to reduce delivery time and improve service quality?
How to reduce the environmental impact of my supply chain?
How to manage the risks associated with my supply chain management?
How to improve collaboration and communication with my suppliers and customers?

Logistics Analysis:

– Purchasing optimization to eliminate inefficiencies
– Optimization of inventories and prevention of stock-outs
– Optimization of distribution routes
– Warehouse and distribution center optimization


Data analytics can help the Operations Manager optimize the processes and systems that keep the business running smoothly and improve employee productivity.

Frequently asked questions:

How to optimize my processes to maximize efficiency?
How to improve the productivity of my employees?
How to reduce operating costs without compromising quality?
How to ensure that I comply with regulations and standards?
How to identify and mitigate potential risks to the business?
How to improve the quality of products or services?
How to ensure compliance with delivery deadlines and quality objectives?

Operations Analysis:

– Maintenance forecasting
– Quality control and defective product detection
– Energy management and optimization
– Manufacturing planning


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