UB-IL3: formación in-company


Create content of the courses offered by the university of continuous training on the new role of the Controller in the companies.


Together with a financial expert, we co-created the course “From Controller to Business Partner“, with the aim of influencing the transformation of the role of controllers in organizations.


The client obtains in a short time a course created with experts in the financial and data world, which can be sold to companies in in-company trainings.


New data management technologies are transforming many industries and jobs. The role of Controllers is undergoing a transformation, moving away from a purely financial function to become a strategic partner of the organization.

Pedagogical approach

The course approach is theoretical and practical and is developed in four sessions, using different project management frameworks and technological tools.

  • Understanding the new role of the Business Partner vs Controller
  • How to develop a data project that adds value to the organization.
  • Introduction to BI tools
  • Development of a real project