Sanofi: Sales Dashboard


Develop a dashboard with multiple sources, in a very short time and with multiple users and profiles so that each one has access to the information relevant to him.


The data is integrated into QlikSense because of the speed of implementation, ability to work with large volumes of data, accessibility and because it is the corporate tool at the time.


In a very short time the dashboard is developed and working. The manual work in the generation of reports is eliminated and all the information is integrated in a single source. Each user connects from wherever he/she needs to.


During the implementation of a global project, data needs to continue to be worked on so that delegates and analysts have access to the information. To do this, a temporary solution must be implemented quickly for the duration of the development.

Information before visiting the customer

There are multiple user profiles that will connect from the street and from the offices. It is essential that the users have the customer information and the analysts have all the information of orders, invoices, visits, objectives for the daily operation of sales and rappels.

Flexible and low-maintenance dashboard

Since QlikSense is the current tool at the time of the project and the infrastructure is in place, it is chosen as the right tool for development. In addition, it meets all the requirements for connectivity and the ability to handle large volumes of data.
A highly parameterizable dashboard is created that meets the expectations of the sales representatives and analysts.
Despite the rapid development and having been in operation for more than 3 years, the flexibility used in the development has allowed it to operate almost maintenance-free and adapting to new needs.
There have been changes in the data sources as the international project progresses but the data source has been changed without affecting the users who do not notice the changes.