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The solution can help CRM Marketing managers who want to have all their customer information centralized and be more efficient in the execution of one-to-one campaigns.

IT managers concerned about data quality and system governance.

Data Protection managers who want to easily manage customer rights in relation to the GDPR (consent, rectification, right to be forgotten, traceability…).

Most of our customers are looking for a solution:

  • Adaptable to current and future needs.
  • Easy to integrate with the company’s current systems.
  • Usable, scalable and quick to implement.
  • With functionalities that respond to real experiences.
  • Easy to learn and use.
  • Limited cost.
  • Experienced implementation team.


Sherpa MKT is a platform that combines the functionalities of a Customer Database (CDP), a Marketing Automation Tool (MAP) and a Business Intelligence (BI) tool, and a Marketing Automation Tool (MAP).

Conceived as a micro-service oriented solution where data is the asset to be exploited to improve marketing results. Developed on four pillars:

  • Multichannel Campaign Management.
  • Integration with other tools.
  • Incorporation of all types of data (1rst/3rd, opendata, sectorial…).
  • Obtaining knowledge from Machine Learning and Business Intelligence.

It is a fast implementation solution, easy to use, customizable to your business and that will meet your requirements in terms of functionality, service and price.


360º vision of customers and integration with eCommerce, ERP, CRM, POS, SaC...

Customer database where you store all the data (own and external) you need to:

  • Uniquely identify customers
  • Know your customers (socio-demographic profile, geographic, purchasing behavior, communication…)
  • Segment them by various criteria

Tasks related to data:

  • Collection and ingestion: What data to load and through which mechanisms (ETL, API, scraping, web services, forms…). Internal data: Communication channels (emailing, subscriptions, web, social media, events, surveys, etc.), CRM (Sales and Customer Service). Purchasing (reservations, orders, point of sale…), Logistics… External data: Weather, statistics, calendars, geographic, competitors…
  • Storage: Structure information in a persistent, scalable, “real time” way.
  • Quality and enrichment: Clean, normalize and validate the imported data, as well as add additional information to improve and enrich it.
  • Identity unification: Creation of the customer’s unique identity across all loaded data sources. Deduplication and consolidation processes.
  • Scores and indicators: Calculation of analytical customer indicators (lead scoring, open/clicks, LTV, RFM, attrition, purchase cycle and life cycle phase…).
  • Access and legality: Data governance to establish who can access the data and how to capture it in accordance with the RGPD.
  • Actionability with other systems and channels: with which they are integrated.


Omni-channel management of customer relationships

Tool that will facilitate customer relationship management:

  • Single customer file with all customer information.
  • Construction of communications and forms
  • Segmentation and automation of communications
Modules for relationship management:

  • Customer Management: Single view of the customer (individuals, companies, employees, prescribers…) from all customer activity (forms, mailings, RGDP, indicators…) and its lifecycle (prospect, leads, customers and ex-customers…). Views of customers’ identification data, their communications activity, indicators, RGPD consent management…
  • Campaign Management: Creation and planning of multi-channel and multi-language programs or campaigns. Campaigns are defined in a hierarchical structure and communication pieces are easily designed through email, sms or form builders. The creation of content templates and the functionalities of cloning communications and downloading pieces are also available. Communications can be tested, sent immediately or planned.
  • List Management: Creation of customer segments to whom to send communications based on filters of customer indicators, campaigns/communications and others…
  • Automation Management: Creation of automated contact flows… Who to contact, What to communicate and When to communicate.


Measurement, Analysis, Learning and Continuous Improvement

Dashboards to measure and improve customer relationships:

  • Visualization of information using tables, charts, graphs, filters and markers.
  • Reporting of information exported to PDF, MS Power Point…
  • Developed in Qlik Sense, MS Power BI

Common Dashboards:

  • Counters Dashboard: numbers, percentages, ratios related to customers.
  • Segmentation Dashboard: Creation of lists using BI power
  • CRM Dashboard: From sends, bounces, opens and clicks.
  • Social Media Dashboard: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube…
  • Sales funnel dashboard: From leads, opportunities and purchases.


Increased knowledge of our customers impacts on turnover

High volume of data generated at high speed in any interaction and device. Data that is integrated, organized and managed in connected platforms. Information that is analyzed and visualized with advanced artificial intelligence technologies and models. Knowledge that will allow us to make better decisions and streamline processes in any area of the company.

More personalized and relevant customer relationships

Capturing customer attention is achieved by creating relevant content for each customer segment throughout the customer lifecycle. Establish a relationship plan that is as personalized and automated as possible.

Reduction of time spent on to operational marketing tasks (segmentation, email construction, measurement...)

Agile teams minimize the time spent on the most operational tasks and invest their time in devising and analyzing the results of marketing actions. Process automation and tools are key.

Quality customer data becomes a new asset of the organization.

Use your data to gain a competitive advantage. It is your main non-replicable asset. Act on the knowledge gained from data analysis.


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