Aldi: promotion customer acquisition and opening of points of sale


Publicize new store openings to nearby neighbors and at the same time capture data from these customers at a limited cost related to technical development.


Use the Sherpa Marketing solution and its tracking Dashboard as a service during the promotion.


To have all the functionalities of a CRM tool without the need to purchase licenses. Less implementation time, less cost and adjusted to the needs of the campaign.


A growth strategy is related to increasing the number of points of sale and attracting new customers with whom we can communicate to generate traffic through offers. The challenge is to have a technological platform that allows us to implement promotions and store openings quickly, at a limited cost.

Contract the CRM service for a campaign

The communication agency helps you to define the concept and mechanics of the campaign, the communications, select the incentives and the management with the notary. But who is going to take care of the technological part and its execution? Often, in one-off promotions, it is more advisable to hire the technological service, instead of using your CRM tool. Some reasons would be:

  • The current CRM tool does not fit the needs and processes of the campaign.
  • Tight time frame for the necessary developments
  • Lack of internal team or capabilities that can take on the project.

We have the experience of having worked with many communication agencies and the flexibility of our CRM solution Sherpa Marketing contributed to the success of the campaign.

Sherpa marketing Features

Mobile campaign form

  • Person data registration with validation of fields
  • Registration of Ticket data and photo
  • Calculation of sweepstakes participations according to value and purchase frequency

Campaign emails

  • Automatic registration validation emails
  • Emails to encourage participation in the campaign
  • Emails to inform about winners/non-winners.

Visualization of campaign data

  • Monitor registrations, participations by different dimensions (store, gender etc…)
  • Weekly evolution reporting
  • Download files to excel prepared for notary
  • Generation of participant files for uploading to the company CRM