Data visualization

what we offer


Interactive tools that help us to visualize, in a contextualized way, the main business indicators (KPIs) from different information dimensions. Focused on the discovery of insights, decision making and productivity improvement. Some common dashboards: Customers, Campaign Results, Segmentation, Sales Funnel, Pricing, Data Quality, Market & Research.

  • Accessing or Loading Data Sources
  • Definition of Indicators/Dimensions and Design
  • Development
  • Test and Put into Production

Tools: Qlik Sense, Power BI, Qlik View


Fixed reports, deliverable at specific times or when certain conditions are met. Distributed within the body of an email, flow tool in pdf format or spreadsheets.

  • Data Source Loading
  • Report Design
  • Report Development
  • Test and Production
  • Report Distribution

Tools: Qlik Sense, Jasper Reports


The geographic representation of the data has different uses such as the calculation of the Area of Influence of a Point of Sale, Competition Maps, Route Maps, Calculation of distances.

  • Obtaining geocoordinates
  • Calculation of distances
  • File loading and visualization of data on maps

Tools: Qlik Sense, Power BI


Advise future users or developers of Qlik Sense or PowerBI to be as independent as possible from the IT department or the supporting vendor. We believe in a “self-training” approach plus hands-on support. Market-leading tools provide quality training courses and materials. We give you the practical tips and tricks and get you moving fast by working on your specific data and challenges.

  • Tool Overview
  • Real Use Cases
  • Accompaniment and obstacle resolution


Social Media Dashboard.

CRM for tourist destinations.

Dashboard Sales Team.